Client Testimonials

“I’ve worked with various trainers over the last 10 years.  I can confidently say Courtney is by far the most knowledgeable, dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated.

Courtney knows how to produce results for each individual.  I needed strength and cardiovascular training.  Past trainers may have helped me produce mild results in one category, but never both.  Courtney knows how to attack both areas.  Her combination of the proper implementation of the correct exercises, understanding how quickly or slowly a program should be applied, and nutrition counseling are the pieces that can assuredly help anyone reach their goals.

Additionally, Courtney’s dedication to her profession is beyond comparison.  Courtney is consistently studying the latest techniques and equipment in the fitness industry.  She strives to work the best components into her clients workouts.  She does not utilizes gimmicks or the latest fads, but implements a proven and tested program to foster the growth of her clients.

Courtney is likewise highly enthusiastic and motivated.  She is always punctual, fully prepared for the workout and pushes her clients just to the right degree to produce maximum benefits.  Courtney encourages her clients to work their hardest, but not to the point of frustration.  Courtney knows exactly how to get the best results from her clients.  She incorporates an endless variety of exercises to keep one focused and encourages them until their goals become a reality.  In short you can not find a better personal trainer than Courtney.  She will bring out the very best in you.”

David D (Lawyer)

“Courtney is the quintessential trainer. She possess all of the qualities to make any person successful: enthusiastic, energetic, motivational, patient, experienced and personal. Courtney customizes and personalizes the training according to the goals of the individual. She is well-rounded and gives sound advice when it comes to food consumption. Any questions that I ever had whether about food, exercise or a diet fad on tv, Courtney was able to answer the questions or would do the research and give feedback. My business travel schedule is quite extensive and is extremely difficult to maintain a “schedule” when away. She would develop a workout program for me while out of town whether I had access to a gym or no equipment. There were also check-ins to see how I am doing and to motivate me to keep on track. Courtney assisted me in achieving my personal goals. I couldn’t have done it with out her!”

Mary M.Q. (Five Star Hotel Staff Trainer)

“If you are looking for a trainer then look no further as I can assure you that Courtney is the gal you need.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, to tone up or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, Courtney will help you achieve your goals.  Always researching the latest in workout technique, she never allows your workout to get stale so no two sessions are ever the same. She equips you will the knowledge and technique to do the exercises correctly and makes sure you understand the benefit to your body.    Her unique style of praising you as she motivates you to push your limits gives her clients the confidence to succeed.   I can tell you that I’m in better physical shape than ever before and I owe that all to Courtney.”

Ashley B. (Realtor)

“Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of working out with Courtney as my personal trainer.  I have always been active and into health and fitness, but never really knew how to get results, be consistent or stay motivated.   Courtney has helped me achieve all of these goals.  Shortly after I started working out with Courtney I started seeing results in how I looked and felt.  She has helped me increase muscle tone, strength and endurance.  Overall I feel completely refreshed and energized. Courtney has given me the tools to feel confident in the gym when I am working out on my own.  She is a great listener and wants the absolute best for all her clients.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Thanks Courtney! Seriously thank you so much!”

Maggie E. (Retail Sales)

“Calling Courtney was the smartest decision I have made in terms of promoting my fitness and health.
I don’t think there is anything this girl can’t do.
She knows fitness, she knows sports, she knows nutrition and, most importantly,
she KNOWS how to motivate someone.  Courtney is very dependable, supportive and just fun to have on your side, working for your best interests.  For me, she has allowed me to start on my journey and although life has thrown many road blocks my way since then- Court has been there- to help me “start back”…never letting me let my spirits get me down.   Awesome.
It’s so simple, call Courtney!
She will see you to the end of your finish line, and then will have you set some crazy new goal with a big smile on her face.  And she will have you accomplish that too.”

Suzanne M (Medical Sales)

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