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Travel-iN Fitness Services

It’s time to grab your goals and make them happen. I will design a personalized running and fitness plan and help you execute the program with weekly check ins. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, train for a race or simply live a healthier life I can can help you get there! These are not quick fix empty promises either. It’s about long term results!

Why Choose Courtney?

To motivate and educate you on how to live a healthy life, achieve your goals and give you the tools to continue along the journey. I want to set the record straight about the fad diets and quick fix promises. Exercise and good nutrition are important to a healthy life and I want to help you integrate this into your daily life.
Every individual is different. Therefore everyone deserves their own personalized running and fitness plan. Save your time by using a plan designed to fit into your daily life. 
If you are not satisfied for any reason with my services I will gladly issue you a refund. There’s nothing to lose except some time off your mile PR or weight loss. 😉



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