DIY Functional Movement Screen Kit

DIY Functional Movement Screen Kit

The Functional Movement Screen is a pretty awesome system to learn, but it can be pricey to purchase the course, certification and then the kit needed to perform the assessment. So instead of forking out another $179 or even $350 for the wooden edition at their exclusive retailer Perform Better, I decided to build my own for less then $25! I searched the web and did find a DIY guide, but there were a few things that I thought could be improved.

You can follow along with this video or read the step by step instructions below.

Supplies needed:

  • 4×6 piece of wood
  • 48″ (1.1/8″) dowel
  • Two 36″ (3/4″) dowels
  • string or theraband
  • drill press
  • ruler
  • sharpie marker

Step 1 – Measure two holes alongside the top edge of the piece of wood 10 inches from each end. This will be where you drill the holes for the two dowels.


drill press, fms kit, functional movement scree

Step 2 – Using a drill press, (I highly recommend using one versus a regular drill as the holes need to go straight in. If you don’t have one then ask a neighbor, like we did! Thanks Mike.) make 2″ deep holes that are 3/4″ wide. The two dowels should fit in snug.

Sand the board if needed.

functional movement screen kit, fms, sanding

Step 3 – Measure 12″ from the end of the board and draw a line. From this line mark every inch using the ruler.

Step 4 – Mark lines across the board. I indented every other line to leave room for numbers. I also went back over the penciled lines and used a sharpie.

functional movement system, running coach, personal training, diy gym

Step 5 – Write the inches number on every other line

Step 6 – Measure inches along entire large dowel. This can be done for the smaller dowels as well.

functional movement screen kit, functional fitness, garage gym

Step 7 – Place dowel alongside wood piece and mark lines with sharpie


Once it’s complete be sure to use a string or theraband on the two smaller dowels to use for the single leg hurdle screen.

functional movement screen kit, diy equipment, garage gym

Enjoy your DIY Functional Movement Screen Kit and let me know how yours turns out!

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