Amy’s Experience with Online Personal Training and Running Coaching

Amy’s Experience with Online Personal Training and Running Coaching

Meet Amy. She’s a wife, mother of 2 and also a development and communications consultant building her own social impact business called Think Tanky. She’s busy, just like everyone else. Amy also realized that she wanted to make her health a priority and focus on incorporating more strength training into her routine as well as challenge herself to run a PR in a half marathon.

Amy was generous enough to take the time to answer a few questions that might help you learn more about what it’s like to work with Courtney at Travel iN Fitness.

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What was your goal when you signed up with Courtney for Online Personal Training and Running Coaching?

I had never worked with a trainer and wanted the experience of a professional to help guide my training for a half marathon (that I just ran and did great!). I also wanted tips on weight training and getting more consistent about weights as I’m getting older and I’m also struggling with my Hashimotos (hypothyroidism) and need to be more serious with weight training as a compliment to running and yoga.

How did working with Courtney improve your weekly exercise routine?

It completely changed my approach and my motivation as well. I learned to run different terrain, like hills, speed sprints and incorporated weight routines (that are actually fun!).

What was the best part of using the App?

Courtney’s amazing workouts! Every week was something different and challenging. The daily reminders kept me on target and helped me learn to balance running with weights as well as consistent checking in with Courtney and her feedback and quick responses to my questions.

Even though it’s virtual, I still felt like I had a personal experience with Courtney!!

Did you learn anything new about yourself while working with Courtney?

I learned that I am motivated and do have the capacity to put my health first. I think that’s a big deal in our society that expects moms to do it all and put their own needs after the kids and family.

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What are your fitness goals for the future?

Now I have new resources to utilize especially as the winter months approach and my motivation can fade. I’ve found an even deeper passion for running after working with Courtney and appreciate my healthy, injury-free body. Ready to search for more races!

Who would you recommend Travel iN Fitness to?

I would recommend Travel iN Fitness to anybody at all fitness levels. Courtney is a pro at listening to where you are at in your fitness level and gearing the workouts to challenge you and get results. She’s also a unique balance of instant forgiveness meets kick ass motivation. If I missed a workout, I tend to want to guilt myself but Courtney was always there to say ‘let it go’ and ‘see if you can get a short walk in or do a few extra pushups’ – I think that’s an amazing attitude that’s both inspiring and motivational. She doesn’t hold herself to impossible goals and neither should I, a fantastic takeaway message on all levels!

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Thank you Amy!

Learn more about how Online Personal Training and Running Coaching with Courtney can help you achieve your goals.

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