December 30 Minute Workout Challenge

December 30 Minute Workout Challenge

December’s challenge is all about moving your body and gearing up for what lies ahead in the new year. Whether you have a lofty New Year’s resolution, have begun training for races or simply want to survive the winter season, I invite you to join the December 30 Minute Workout Challenge!

Essentially, you commit to moving your body in a way that is beneficial to your health for at least 30 minutes each day. Some activities include strength training, running, skiing, swimming, walking, yoga, dancing, stretching and rock climbing. Activities that aren’t included are binging on Netflix while laying on the couch, eating a Thanksgiving size feast every night or arguing with your spouse. Got it?

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Next, you need to plan this 30 minute window into each and every day. I would recommend organizing a weekly calendar so that you know exactly when you are scheduled to make the 30 minute workout happen. You can complete it first thing in the morning, during your lunch break or even before dinner. Just put it in your calendar and mark it as important as a work meeting. You’re more likely to succeed if you keep the time of day consistent. No skipping, no cheat days. Your health is a priority and you should allow yourself this time each and every day. Exercise is a gift to your own body, treat it well.

Now, you might be in need of a few ideas of 30 minute workouts (scroll down for a fun workout you can do from home). Luckily you can sign up for this challenge below and I will send you extra workout ideas, tips and keep you motivated throughout the entire month.

Go ahead and get your feet wet with this workout.

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