Big Goals? Tips on How to Succeed

Big Goals? Tips on How to Succeed

Is this you? You’ve set an audacious goal and you’re excited to get to that finish line. Now comes the hard part. Don’t be scared and stop here… I’m here to help you make that big goal a reality!

Some of the hard parts include staying on track, picking yourself back up after you fall off the wagon and focusing on making that change each and every single day. I wanted to put a few tips together that can help you make any venturesome goal a reality.

  1. Tell someone about your goal. Talk to the people you live with, your co-workers, your neighbors and even your social media channels. The more support you rally behind yourself the more likely you are to be successful. Having someone to hold you accountable as well as having the ability to talk about your good and bad days is important.
  2. Make a plan. Ask for help with this as it’s always a good idea to have an outsiders perspective when getting down to the day to day details. It needs to be realistic, but also include details such as what you will do when you fall off the plan. This is a good way to avoid starting over from scratch.
  3. How will you handle temptation? This is a question you need to figure out before you find yourself in a tight spot. Say your goal is to avoid eating refined sugar, what’s your plan for when you see a bowl full of candy at the office or a friend offers you a piece of their homemade pie. Another example is if your goal is to run a marathon, what will you do when you get the flu and can’t run for a week? When you have a plan for when things don’t go how you want, it’s going to be a lot easier to make that goal a reality.
  4. Celebrate the small stuff. Make a small goal within your big goal and really get excited when you reach that milestone. The more positive experience you have making it towards your goal the more likely you are to stick with. So don’t beat yourself up too much about making little mistakes here and there. If you’re still moving in the forward direction and accomplishing the little milestones I think it’s worth giving yourself a little mini party or however you like to celebrate.

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So make those big dreams a reality. Don’t hold back on what you’d like to accomplish. Carve out the life you want and use these tips to help you through the hardest parts.  As always, reach out if you’d like help implementing a plan towards your goal.

Change is hard, we all know that. But making changes every day in order to make them the new normal is what helps you accomplish goals. You can do this!

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