How to Start Your Home Gym

How to Start Your Home Gym

Strength Training is important, there really is no argument about this one.  But do you need a gym membership or an elaborate home gym in order to accomplish a great workout? Absolutely not. Here’s how:

First let’s start with the amount of space you need. If you’re going to be exercising in your house or apartment you can measure the appropriate space by lying flat on your back and extending your arms overhead without touching any walls or furniture.  See, it’s really not a lot of space. Also make sure you don’t have super short ceilings so that your arms can stretch overhead without touching too.

I’ve worked with clients in many different types of indoor areas from a small room in their basement to the family living room and also a 500sq ft apartment in Madrid, Spain. Outdoors is always an option too but at the end of the day it’s best to do the workouts where you know you will most likely DO them. If bad weather puts your off then stick to indoors…it’s one less excuse to work against.

Dumbbells blue

Second, you need a little bit of exercise equipment. You can gain a lot of strength by using only your body weight but I’d recommend a few items just to keep things interesting as well as provide more exercise options.

  • TRX Suspension Training Home Kit
    An awesome tool for total body fitness. You can also travel with this as well. Purchase one with the door anchor if you are using it in a door frame. If you’re able to install it in your ceiling then check out this step by step guide for installation.
  • Dumbbells
    Depending on your current fitness level you could get away with only buying 2 sets. Something for upper body and lower body.
  • Exercise Cords
    These are available in different strengths but can easily be adjusted by altering the length at which you use them. I would recommend a medium strength.
  • Exercise Mat
    Look for something a little more padded then a yoga mat and your spine will thank you when you’re lying on your back.

exercise cord

Third, you need a workout plan. A lot of people make the mistake by going out and buying the latest and greatest exercise equipment and then they don’t get it out of the closet for weeks at a time. Having a daily plan to follow will give you a reason to wake up early and exercise or squeeze it in after work. Make a goal and find someone who can help you get there. Whether you hire a personal trainer to design the program or you find one in a book, be sure you have someone to hold you accountable. Sometimes you need that extra push to continue after a bad day, a workout buddy to exercise with or simply a friend who you know will be checking in on you.

I hope this has eliminated some previous excuses that you may have been making for not strength training in the past. Again, you can do a lot of great workouts without any equipment but if you are looking for more options and various exercises to do then purchase some exercise equipment that I listed above.

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