My mind is constantly running. Especially since my legs are not these days. I have a hard time relaxing. I never used to be like this. I have a few ideas of why I’m not able to just totally relax and let go:

  • I don’t have a typical full time job – I’m always looking for ways to grow, market, develop, motivate, reach out, educate, etc. I want to use every ounce of my time and be as productive as possible.
  • I have two small kids that aren’t old enough for school. This time I know is golden and will go by quickly, but they rely on me and my husband 24/7. I’m always thinking about how I can do better, provide more learning environments, teach them about life, show them the world around them, etc.
  • I know I can do better. This is the one that is the hardest to let go. I’m hard on myself, just like a lot of you are. I should be more forgiving and less judgmental on myself. I should laugh, smile and play more.

It’s hard to let go.

It’s hard to not think in my mind “I could be getting something done now”.

I think taking a day off of everyday stresses in life is important. If I’m constantly worried about “what needs to be done” then I am going to miss out on the little moments in life of laughter that I will look back on as an old lady.

So I’m taking not just one, but three days off. My husband has conjured the idea of family tent camping along the coast of Oregon.  He makes me laugh because he swore that we would not go tent camping as a family until the kids were a little older. I think his patience got the best of him. 😉

I intend to play, laugh and smile a lot. If I have ideas about work I will just jot them down, but I will not dwell on my time as being wasted. This will be time that is cherished. Sooner or later my kids will be older and my business will feel more complete. But these three days won’t hinder any future accomplishments. If anything, they will only help me to clear my mind. Maybe this is like a body cleanse yet for the mind. I’m going to clear my head and fill it with campfire, songs and lots of laughs.

I can’t wait to sleep under the stars.

This is a picture from a camping trip in Australia in 2006. My view will hopefully include the ocean this time around.


I look forward to sharing this trip with you all.

Sometimes health and fitness needs to stress the importance of rest. Not just recovery from workouts for your muscles, but also allowing your mind to relax.

I hope you are able to do the same, even if it’s for only an hour or a day. Sit back, smile and remember the important things in life.