Rest is important, espeically for your mind

Rest is important, espeically for your mind

I’m back! A little off topic of fitness but I wanted to include my thoughts on rest, taking time off and finding mental clarity. I had a wonderful family camping trip to Cape Lookout State Park in Oregon. This was our first camping experience as a family. I’ve grown up loving the outdoors but never experienced camping when I was younger.

Lately my mind has been getting the best of me and I have not being able to ‘switch off’. Read more about my thoughts of taking a guilt free break. My mind has been cleared of all the unwanted disruption and I can think more clearly (sort of). Camping at the beach was wonderful! I promised a follow up to let you know how it all went.

This is my favorite picture from the entire trip. You may have seen it if you follow my instagram.


Trip review:

We over packed, but that’s ok with two little kids.

Only mishap: Our air mattress had a hole in it and we didn’t realize till after we blew it up. So my husband and I slept on the ground with a couple blankets underneath for cushion. This made for a little body soreness. I think I prefer to be sore from working out instead.

I’m still sporting the awesome boot which makes me look very fashionable with a beach cover up.


We purchased a rather large tent…it holds 10 people and there were only 4 of us plus our dog. It was more like a cabin. The kids loved playing it though.


My family at Cape Lookout State Park in Oregon.


Even Oz enjoyed some relaxing on the Tommy Bahama chair with the sand on his toes.


One of my favorite things we did was take an evening stroll along the beach. I am getting quite tired of this boot and was bummed to miss out on the hiking around the area. But I was also grateful to be able to spend those evenings on the beach with my family.


It was an overall successful camping trip and I’m pretty much sold on the idea of family camping becoming a tradition in our household. Of course none of this would have happened without my hubby…he’s practically taught me everything about camping. 🙂

I will try to keep this state of calm and worry free mindset, but I can already tell today that I’m antsy about things. Maybe another camping trip is in order all ready!

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