National Running Day: Join the movement

National Running Day: Join the movement


June 4th is National Running Day! This is an effort by some of the top running organizations in the country to promote the sport of running.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone ran? Running makes me a better person for numerous reasons. You can read about why I love running that I posted previously. I also see many of these qualities in other runners I meet. Imagine if the entire world was like this:

  • friendly
  • happy
  • focused
  • charitable
  • gracious
  • competitive
  • determined
  • tough
  • kind

Even though I am not currently running while my foot heals I can still look forward to the days I’ll be hitting the trails again. This picture is from March 2014 while I was training for the Big Sur Marathon.


Make your day a better day and join the country for a run. I’m sure you will see many runners out and about. If you’re looking for a group to join check out a local running store, or grab your dog. And if you’re not used to running just jog around the block, run up some stairs or sign up for a race this summer so you can get started on training!

I’ll be cheering for you all today! My workout will consist of weight lifting. Running will come back to my life soon, I just need to heal.


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