Father’s Day fitness gift guide

Father’s Day fitness gift guide

It’s time to grab a Father’s Day gift for that special guy in your life. If he’s a weekend warrior or you’re simply trying to send him a polite nudge that he should be working out a little more 😉 these gifts make exercise a little more exciting.

For the runner:

Mino: Keep him from injuring himself from using shoes past their expiration date. The Mino is placed under the lining of the shoe and tracks your mileage through walking and running. You can check periodically how much more use you have out of the shoe by looking at the lights displayed. Once you’re in the red it’s time for new shoes!



For the gym guy:

Clubbells: These are an awesome way to get a full body workout with heavy weights. They are similar to the style of training used with kettle bells but allow for other variations in exercise. I’ll be honest, I have not officially tried them yet but I am dying too! Just need to save up to make the purchase. From the pictures and videos I can tell they will give an awesome burn and you don’t need very much room to store them. That’s 2 major points in my book!



For the guy who needs some fashion sense:

Buff: This is a really cool head scarf, headband, cap, face mask and more. It’s all one material that can be worn in various ways. Great to cover his head in summer and keep his neck warm in winter. And who doesn’t think a guy who can pull off a head scarf is sexy?



For the guy who loves to read:

White Sea Rising by MJ Kephart: Ok, so this one isn’t exactly fitness related, unless he likes to read on the treadmill or indoor bike. But my brother-in-law wrote this book and I am super proud. It’s a military spy thriller and it rocks! Check it out for yourself too!



On Father’s Day have a fun family activity planned. Something that gets everyone moving….frisbee at the park, backyard baseball, gardening, hiking, fishing, etc. Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dad’s out there…including my own Dad and husband.

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