5K Success Story: There’s no stopping Noreen

5K Success Story: There’s no stopping Noreen

Meet Noreen. She is such an inspiration! Having just completed the Heaven Can Wait 5K over the weekend and now working to decrease her time on the next race, there is no stopping her. Oh, and did I mention she’s in her early 60s?


About 8 weeks ago she contacted me and asked me to train her for this race. I wanted to share a little of her story with you.

She has been athletic her entire life but it has been some time since she ran a 5K race.  Typically she does a run/walk with her dog Willow in the mornings and afternoons. So she wasn’t starting completely from scratch but we definitely had to work on the mileage as well as consistent running. Avoiding injuries was also a key point, as it is with anyone I train. Sometimes I was needed to not only push her but to also hold her back in order to train smarter, not harder.

Over the last 8 weeks we ran hills, longer distances and also worked on her speed at the track.  Twice a week we would train together and she had other workouts and runs to complete on her own. This was probably one of her hardest workouts when we did the “white mailbox hill repeats”. It was close to 400meters in distance but the incline was steep! I couldn’t keep up with her on my bike, that’s how steep it was. She never walked once.


Noreen had full access to the workout plan so that she could monitor her progress along the way.

Then came race day. I knew she had the skills to run a great race but she was feeling very anxious. She out performed even her own expectations! Breaking through the 10 minute per mile pace and running an average of 9:20 minutes per mile. I can only hope to run like this when I’m in my 60s.


Congratulations to Noreen! I’m looking forward to working with her for the next race at the Pacific Crest Festival in Sunriver, OR.

If you’re interested in training for your first 5K and want to be held accountable, motivated and use a personalized program contact me and we can work together!

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  1. Tricia June 2, 2014 at 8:14 pm - Reply

    You are a true inspiration we are so proud of you! Keep up the great work!

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