Running injury leads to a triathlon

Running injury leads to a triathlon

As a runner, having a stress fracture is hard. I am wearing a boot so my foot doesn’t bend and my bones will heal properly. But going from training for a marathon to strictly no running after the race is tough both physically and mentally.

I have to find a new “runner’s high” outlet. And I also have to stop eating like I’m training for a marathon. Opps! More on that another day. 😉

There is a bright side to this! This injury has made me change my racing goals for the summer and also opened up the idea of competing in triathlons. I raced Olympic distance triathlons in college and absolutely loved it. I moved overseas to Dubai, UAE after I graduated and without my bike I went back to only running. I have since then competed in 1 triathlon a few years ago. I loved it but at the time lacked motivation to continue down that path.

With my stress fracture I am not allowed to run and hope to have the boot off in 5 weeks. I can swim and bike now, so that is why I am going to add a triathlon to my schedule! I do most of my aerobic style workouts by swimming laps in the pool and I absolutely love it! Since it’s starting to warm up the outdoor pool at my gym is open and it’s fun to swim with a little chill in the air.


For my triathlon this summer the Deschutes Dash is held here in Bend, OR on the weekend of July 26th and 27th. There will be two distances offered, a Sprint and Olympic distance. I am thinking of doing the Olympic distance (1300 yard swim, 25 mile bike, 10k run) but will decide in a few weeks. It depends on how my foot is healing. I know once the boot is off I will have to ease back into running so this may take a little time before I am able to fully train for any type of running event.

It’s almost 12 weeks till the race. I will set up my training schedule after my next check up with the doctor to see how my foot is progressing. I don’t expect this to be one of my fastest races with this amount of time not running or seriously biking. At least I can work on my swimming which is not really my strongest part of a triathlon.

More to come on my training. For now, lots of fun and bubbles in the pool.


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  1. Patti May 13, 2014 at 8:34 am - Reply

    I think triathlons would be perfect for you! I hope your foot is healing on schedule too. Good luck!

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