Injured foot update

Injured foot update

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a 2 week check up. A couple x-rays were in order to see how my stress fracture was progressing.

The good news: I am still on track to be out of the boot in about 4 weeks. And I was cleared to race the Deschutes Dash triathlon at the end of June, but only the sprint distance.

The bad news: I have more stress fractures then initially thought.

Stress fractures can take a couple weeks to show up on x-rays once they occur. So initially I only had one in the 4th Metatarsal bone. The 5th Metatarsal was a possibility as well. In the new x-rays the Cuboid bone showed a stress fracture as well. Along with manually examining my foot it was agreed that I may have 3 stress fractures. Damn, that was not the news I was hoping to hear.


In hindsight I am happy that I still have the same recovery time. This is not something I want to rush because I definitely don’t want to injure the foot again and possibly cause long term damage.

I’ve been feeling very off balanced with the giant boot and my low sole shoes. When the weather was colder it was easy to just put a snow boot on to even my hips out but now with warmer weather I’m feeling very lopsided. The doctor gave me something called an Evenup to put on my normal shoes. It makes a world of a difference. Why didn’t he give me this to begin with?! At least I have it now I guess.


Now that I can have a goal of the triathlon in mind I feel like I can get back on track with training. Most of that will be in the pool with a combination of swimming laps and deep water running. Biking will be slow for the next couple weeks and then I will transition to using my tri bike instead of the Mary Poppins ride around town kind.

I’m still taking my Calcium, Vitamin D and Biotin to help my bones heal and be strong. I think this should of been something I was taking to begin with especially since I am still nursing my youngest son. I’m feeling antsy, I was so excited about my marathon performance and ready to race again. I want to be faster. I want to train smart. And I want to buy some shoes with more cushion so I can avoid this silly injury!

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  1. Randy May 30, 2014 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    Was your foot hurting for a while before you had it examined? Just wondering if the stress fractures occurred all at the same time or over multiple runs.

    I had a running partner who went through this a couple of years ago. And he re-injured it when he came back too quickly. So definitely give it some time. All the best…
    Randy recently posted…Stress FracturesMy Profile

    • Travel-iN Fitness June 22, 2014 at 5:00 pm - Reply

      I’m not even sure I had a stress fracture now…in between doctors now. Just had an MRI and confirmed a torn tendon but no evidence of a stress fracture. It only happened during the race, no pain leading up to it which makes me think there was never a stress fracture too.
      Travel-iN Fitness recently posted…Taking a guilt free breakMy Profile

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