California trip: Napa to San Francisco to Carmel

California trip: Napa to San Francisco to Carmel

My trip to the Big Sur Marathon was not just for a race. It was a wonderful experience to take my whole family on a road trip to California! I have never been to this part of California and was so excited to see it!

The plan:

  • Drive to Napa and celebrate Hubby’s 40th birthday


Yes, Napa with kids. It can be done. But I do see how it can be a totally different experience without kids. Still, we had a blast celebrating his birthday.

I was also glad that this day was not close to the race day so I had a few days to recover from drinking so much wine. hehe


The greenery was beautiful. I think she agrees. 🙂



And roses were everywhere!

napa-rose   napa-roses

  • Drive to San Fransisco and see the sights

Well we didn’t get to see as much as we’d like. The fog came and never really left. And rain came the second day. I had a pretty bad chest cough so I didn’t want to run in the rain and I ended up doing my 2nd treadmill run of all my marathon training at the hotel. I love exploring new cities by foot while running so I definitely want to get back here and see more.


Pier 39 brought us a carousel, seals, and kids balloons!



We hiked to Lombard Street. It’s an extremely windy street with 8 tight turns within 1 block. The trick was getting there, in the rain while pushing the double stroller up the steep hills. For some reason my hubby was up for the job and took them the entire way!


And there was a fun little sign on the street telling you where to stand to take a good picture.


  • Drive to Carmel and run the Big Sur Marathon!

I was so excited to be meeting up with my training partner Jamie. We saw some of the beach, local shops in Carmel, hung out with her family and got a good idea of how beautiful it was there.


We grabbed some coffee at the local Carmel Coffee Company and happened to sit down next to Kristin from StuftMama who also ran a PR in the Big Sur Marathon! She asked my husband to take a picture of them and I thought I had recognized her from somewhere. After putting two and two together I realized who she was and went over to say hi! She introduced me to Jacqueline from SkinnyChickBlog who is from that area. It’s so nice to meet other runners and bloggers from other parts of the country!


You can read my Big Sur Marathon race recap here.

And hubby even had a trampoline to bounce on when the kids let him have a turn. 😉


Even though my foot was killing me the day after the race we couldn’t miss the opportunity to see the Monterey Aquarium.


After all this fun plus running the marathon it was time to head home. It was an awesome trip and I feel so blessed to have been able to see this part of the country. On to planning more travels soon!

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