Damn. I was on such a high after the marathon on Sunday. But ever since that afternoon I have been hobbling around and not really able to walk well. Running has been out of the question. So since it seemed like a little more then soreness after a run I decided to see a podiatrist today.

The result was a boot, and that’s not the trendy kind!


After x-rays, examining points of pain and a funny vibration test he concluded that I have a stress fracture. It’s in the fourth and maybe fifth metatarsal bones (the two towards the outside of the foot).

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.12.23 PM

The doctors orders are to keep this boot on for possibly 6 weeks. I can take it off when I sleep. Yay! And no running. Boo!

The cause? Well I think it’s a mixture of switching to running on more pavement versus trail running within the last month of training. Plus I use a pretty minimalist shoe so this transition to more pavement running may have been a little too rough on my feet.

I’m also taking more vitamins then I ever have. (I really don’t take vitamins) This includes Calcium 500mg 3 times per day, Vitamin D (a cold liquid form) and Biotin. This should help my bones heal faster. This really just makes me feel older but I’ll take them if it means running again sooner.


So this is a bit of a bummer since I just came off such a high after the marathon. But I see this as a good reason to do some fun strength training. I might even get a chance to run in the deep water pool!

It’s just life throwing me another curve ball.