The importance of accountability for workouts

The importance of accountability for workouts

I am usually the one holding other people accountable for their training and workouts. That’s what personal trainers do! But this past weekend I found out that having someone hold me accountable can make a huge difference in my own performance. Just having the knowledge and know how about training doesn’t always mean it gets done. When someone is counting on you, it makes a world of a difference.


Finishing the Horse Butte 10 miler with my cheering squad/ support crew in the background

I ran the Horse Butte 10 mile trail run last Sunday and it was awesome! First off, I love this race. It’s a single track course and has a maximum participant cap at 200. I ran this race two years ago and I was hoping this year to either keep my time the same or beat it by a little bit. I was looking at the race as part of my Big Sur training but of course wanted to treat it like a race. What actually happened had me clicking my heals in the air. I dropped 7 minutes off my time! Wow, I was elated.


One main difference in this year and the one I ran two years ago was my training. Not only was a training more but I was also running more consistently and including more hill and interval workouts into my routine. And the reason this was happening was because I had a friend to train for a marathon with. Yes, marathon training is different then training for a 10 mile race but the fact that I was more consistent and was being held accountable for getting my workouts in made a huge difference.

Not only do we check in with each other periodically throughout the week to see how each others progress is going, we also do some training runs together. Today we are headed out for our longest run before the marathon, 20 miles! Gulp. But having someone to run with during those 20 miles is incredible.

And to top it off I had the best cheering squad! Her family came out to watch me run as well as look after my two kids. They made signs! I am forever grateful.


How are you held accountable for your workouts and training?


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