I’ve been lucky enough to bring my family to Australia. It’s just one perk of being married to an Aussie. 😉

We are staying along the southern coast in a small town called Batemans Bay in New South Wales. The beach is less then a half mile away. Is it beautiful? Oh yes! And there are amazing trails to run along the coastline as well as through the bush. It’s not hard keeping up with the marathon training when the weather and scenery are both amazing.

My sister-in-law has been nice enough to show me around some trails and I wanted to share some pictures.

This first one is the start from her house with my shadow on my shoulder. 🙂


Standing on Lili Pili beach and heading up the stairs towards the trail along the ocean.



Crossing another beach called Surfers.



A bench I found along the way. I wouldn’t mind reading a book here one day.


The fire break roads are away from the ocean scenery but I love the lush greenery surrounding this hill I conquered.


I’m missing this place already.