Fabletics review: fitness clothing subscription

Fabletics review: fitness clothing subscription

After seeing all the facebook ads for Fabletics I finally clicked the button and was totally sucked in. I ordered my first outfit after filling out a style questionnaire and only paid $25, including free shipping. Boom, I’m in! And yes, I did pay for this with my own money….nothing sponsored about this post.

Fabletics is a subscription service for fitness cloths and was co founded by Kate Hudson. They will send you a new outfit monthly when you sign up. More details on this at the bottom.


Then I left for Australia so I had to wait even longer to receive my package. Once I was home and beginning to function somewhat normal after the jet lag, I tried on the new outfit. It included a pair of shorts, tank top and arm warmers. I was most excited about the arm warmers because I have seen others wearing them and thought they’d be a good alternative to long sleeves on a slightly cold day.

I get a bit goofy when I’m excited about something. 😉


Overall, I liked the look and how it fit. The shorts were a fun print as I’m so sick of everything being black. The shirt was average in the front, but I love the back. The black is a breathable fabric.


And the arm sleeves are reversible! I am using the grey side when I ran with them in the picture below. It was too cold and rainy for the shorts and tank top this day.

The arm sleeves are pretty snug which is how they obviously stay on. It did take me a couple miles into my run to get used to them. After that I didn’t notice them, only the two heavy kids I was pushing in the stroller. They do kind of look like an arm cast after seeing this picture.


I did get to test out the top and shorts on a 13.5 mile training run. They worked great! No crazy rubbing or having to adjust every other step. The run on the other hand is another story as my body wasn’t cooperating with what my mind wanted to do.


So would I recommend Fabletics? Yes, for your first order. It’s always $25 for an entire outfit with free shipping. The quality is good and that’s a great price in my book. But then they start to send outfits monthly for $49.95. I’m not sure I will stick with this simply because I don’t need a brand new outfit every month. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to cloths and probably wouldn’t know what to do with all the new ones. You can opt out to skip a month but I’m not that organized. Then again, I do like the idea of a little something arriving every month at my door to try out. We’ll see how the first month goes.

Be sure to use my Fabletics links for the promo! And I may earn a free outfit that I’ll be sure to review for all to see.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Patti March 27, 2014 at 11:44 am - Reply

    What a super cute outfit! I love the shorts, the arm warmers, and the color block on the back of the shirt. I checked out the site and wow, I love the clothes! The price sounds good too.

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