My office is starting to come together! We are in the process of improving our garage by turning it into a fully functional gym and play area for the kids. Our house is small and adding another usable room makes a huge difference.

So what’s first? Let’s anchor the TRX to the ceiling! I have used the door anchor in the past but it never gives me as much range of motion that I would prefer. After some research I found a great solution to a DIY anchor point. Of course TRX sells their own wall anchor but it costs $39.95. James from Power Multisport wrote about using an anchor system he bought from a big box hardware store. I was sold.

The surface mount anchor pictured below can be found in the pick up truck area of the hardware store, near the tie downs. The cost was $9.95. *You can also purchase it online here for a couple dollars more: Surface Mount Hardware Anchor Ring
Add two lug bolts with washers for an additional $.50 and you have a TRX ceiling anchor system for less then $10.50!

garage ceiling anchor

I have had my TRX for over 5 years and absolutely love it.The places I have used it are at home, in parks, at boot camps and in gyms. I am excited to have a more professional set up at home in my garage.
*You can purchase the TRX here if you haven’t already. Free shipping too!*
TRX Suspension Training Home Kit


After finding a stud and penciling in the spot for the screws I drilled two pilot holes. It simply helps when installing the lug bolts by hand into a stud to have a little assistance in the beginning.

drill ceiling holes

Then the workout began… I installed the anchor point to the stud in the ceiling.

ceiling anchor installed

Once installation was complete we gave it a true weight test by standing in the handles and swinging. Now it’s time to clean up so my garage doesn’t look so much like a garage in the background. 😉

trx anchor test

Next on the list is the speed bag! Apparently I may have some mad boxing skills or at least I’m going to attempt to.