Losing 7lbs in the worst possible way

Losing 7lbs in the worst possible way

A 7 pound weight loss in 3 days was not my intention. And I would never recommend this weight loss method to anyone. I had to take a week off running as well as strength training. It was the first time since I set my New Year’s Resolutions that I fell off the wagon. Was it a magic pill or special smoothie?! I’ll say this with a big fat NO. It was the stomach flu. And man was it horrible.

My daughter caught it first. After staying up all night with her I was unlucky enough to have my night of praying to the porcelain god next.  I have never been so sick in that way. Even though the worst was over in the first night, it took me a couple days before I could eat something substantial again. Exercise was not an option. I was in survival mode. My husband was out of town as well, just to make things even more dramatic.

So now that I’m on the other side of this it’s time for some reflection.


A positive that came out of this experience: I gave my almost one year old some much needed attention that I miss out on when I am usually doing chores, making food or working. It was nice to just sit on the floor with him all day and play.

An accomplishment: I always knew there would be a day that myself and my kids would be sick while my husband would be out of town. It finally happened and we all survived. 🙂

My training: I hate to get off track of my plan but life happens. In my case I feel lucky that I only missed a week and it wasn’t due to an injury that would usually take weeks or months to get back on track. So for now I am just easing back into things and looking forward to having a full week of running and strength training back into my routine!

The weight will come back on easily. I just need to make the muscle come back with exercise and clean eating. The sun is out, snow is on the ground…it’s a perfect day for a run! Well really any day in my books is a perfect day for a run.


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