Back on track

Back on track

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So far today feels the most normal of any days in a very long time. After the stomach flu, exercise and eating were completely wiped out and are gradually coming back to my daily life.

What is normal for me? I’ve started my day early by waking up before 6:00am in order to work on the computer before the kids wake up. I had a Google Helpouts scheduled but they were a no show. This tends to happen more often then I would like.

I’ve had my first glass of water and now I’m on my second. Followed by a half strength coffee and my favorite breakfast of almond butter toast with banana and either cinnamon or chia seeds sprinkled on top.



Today’s workout will be on the track with a friend. I am stoked! Not only have I had a week off of exercise due to the stomach flu I also feel like I’ve been neglecting my track workouts. She initiated this workout so I will follow along with her plan. I’ll do my best to not have the “coach” in me come out and start dictating our routine. But sometimes I get the feeling that my friends would rather me just think of the workout and they will just follow along.


I’ll update with how my track routine actually went today. I’m still training for the Big Sur Marathon in April! One week won’t keep me away from this exciting race coming up.

Will the rest of my day feel like “normal”? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. So far I know my appetite is back. I just finished my second piece of toast. With a few pounds to gain back I think it’s allowed for today. 😉


Track workout today was 4 x 1 miles. A 400m lap of recovery was in between. It felt great to get my legs moving again and on the track.


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