3 tips to stay on track with your exercise and diet goals

3 tips to stay on track with your exercise and diet goals

I have been talking with a lot of people who are having trouble sticking to their workout or diet plans and wanted to share some tips. Now that the New Year’s Resolution rush is starting to fade there are a few things that need to be understood about making those new health plans and how they evolve over time.

My first suggestion is to always have a customized plan made for you by a professional. If you take something out of a book and simply try to cut and paste it into your daily life it’s less likely to stick. Talk to someone who is able to adjust the necessary components so that it can easily fit into your life for the long term and also be effective. They should be able to help adjust a few things as the weeks pass by because making a plan is one thing, but when you actual live it you may find a few things that work well or not so well.

That brings me to my next point. It needs to be adjustable along the way. Too many people make a plan and if things fall off track, they too fall off the wagon. Life is full of ups and downs and your plan for a healthier life will ride alongside. Now don’t confuse this for me saying that it’s ok to let things slide when things get tough, but it needs to be understood that some days will be harder then others and when those days come along and you miss a workout or eat an entire bag of potato chips that you acknowledge it and then move on. Take time to reflect on why this happened. Whether you felt overwhelmed and looked to food for comfort or simply didn’t make time in your day for a workout, mistakes are opportunities for lessons learned and better progress in the future.

Next, allow yourself to fall so that you can learn how to pick yourself up. This reminds me of children and how they learn. If we are always there catching them as they try to learn how to walk then how will they ever learn how to fall on their own and pick themselves back up. There needs to be a balance between outside help and self help. If you make a mistake in your plan like eating chocolate on a day when sugar is not allowed then talk to someone. Let them motivate you to get back on your feet and get back on track. Learn to listen to yourself for reasons why you ate the chocolate in the first place so that you can understand those triggers in the first place and avoid them or find an alternative to dealing with them. Perfection is not the goal in leading a healthier life, just be better then you were in past and progress will be made.


So if things have started to go off track with your exercise and diet plans these are my suggestions in review:

  • Talk to a professional (Like me! 🙂 )
  • Adjust your plan as the weeks progress because as life changes, so should your plan
  • Allow yourself to fall, but learn how to pick yourself up and continue on the path to success!

You can do this! Living a healthier life is not easy, but it’s well worth the effort in the long run. Keep moving forward!


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