New Year’s Resolution: 5 steps to make it stick

New Year’s Resolution: 5 steps to make it stick

It’s here! New Year’s Resolution time. What will yours be? Lose weight, run a marathon, eat less sugar or a combination of a few things? Well I have some exciting news… this is the year you will make those health resolutions stick. And if you follow these 5 steps you can make it happen.


  • 1. Goals

This is as simple as it sounds. Think about exactly what your goals are and when you would like to achieve them by. So if you would like to lose weight, how much and how would you like to measure it? Some people work best with numbers on the scale and others prefer to use a pant size instead. So if the main goal is weight loss and say you’d like to lose this weight by June, then set some smaller goals in between now and then. You can set up monthly weight goals, bi-weekly goals for sticking to your plan and even weekly water intake goals. These are all simple examples of how to break down your ultimate goal into smaller increments.

  • 2. Make a Plan

This is probably the most difficult and time consuming step but believe me, it is one of the most important. If someone came to me and said they would like to run a marathon in August I would immediately make a plan for their training after discussing all their goals. Another example is if someone states that they would like to eat healthier, it’s one thing to say it but once a plan is put in place it’s much easier to see how it can be accomplished. Depending on your goals a plan can be very detailed to what will occur each day to a more broad approach of monthly events. In my opinion, the more specific the better. And if planning 6 months sounds overwhelming, well it is. Just plan 4-6 weeks at a time. You will need to re-evaluate around that time anyways to make sure you’re on the right track. And if this is a point where you are asking, “I don’t know how to reach my goal, I need help with a plan”, then contact me and I can make a personalized plan for you.

  • 3. Tell Someone

Being held accountable makes it much harder to “fall off the wagon”. This is why it is vital to tell someone about your goals. Whether it’s a friend, spouse or co-worker, if they know you are working hard towards your goal they are likely cheering you on as well. And who doesn’t like a personal cheerleader?! If exercise is part of your plan try to find a workout buddy, personal trainer or group exercise class to attend. You’re more likely to keep exercising if someone other then yourself expects you to show up.

  • 4. Get Started

It’s time to begin! Go for it! Be cautious though that since most New Year’s Resolutions involve the entire year it is a long road ahead. So don’t expect huge results within the first week or two. Give your body time to adjust to your new exercise routine and/or diet. You have 365 days ahead and taking 1 day at a time is the only way to get there. Another reason that step 2 is so important is that your plan needs to help you avoid any injuries. If you are stating from nothing and jumping into 5-6 high intensity exercise classes a week then you are likely headed down the road to an over-training injury. Talk to an expert if you are unsure about your plan and how to avoid an injury.

  • 5. Set New Goals

So you’ve stuck with it and reached your initial goal. Congratulations!  Now what? Start again from the top and set a new goal. If you reach your goal and then simply stop everything that got you to that goal you are very likely to revert to the pre-resolution stage. This is the maintenance period which is not as life changing or difficult as the initial goal phase, but if you let things slide it will all come back to how things were last year. So make some more goals, a new plan and tell someone about it all. Keep life moving forward.

You can do this! It’s simple yet each step is very important to the overall success of your New Year’s Resolution. This is your year so make this happen. If you need any support or guidance feel free to contact me.




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