How to dress for a run in below freezing temperatures

How to dress for a run in below freezing temperatures

After a week of highs only in the 20s and some days only the teens, I was a little hesitant about running in the freezing snow. But there is only so much time I can mentally take “off” of running, especially when the sun is shinning and my hubby is home to watch the kids (no stroller to push). So this morning I made a pact with myself to go for a run once I dropped my daughter off at school. The temperature was a whopping 5 degrees at 9:05am.


 So the big question was “how many layers do I need?”! I hate getting too warm while running or having my toes so cold that they hurt when I come inside. This time I pretty much wore the perfect amount of cloths. Not too hot, not too cold…just like the baby bear’s porridge. And this was also a welcomed reminder that running shouldn’t stop when it gets cold. That’s what cloths are for, right?!

The items I wore were:

Running Pants

Short Sleeve Shirt

Long Sleeve Thin Pullover

Long Sleeve Medium Weight Pullover

Tall Ski Wool Socks

Foot Warmer on my toes

Thin Cotton Gloves

Thick Ski Gloves


Trail Running Shoes

Underwear and sports bra….of course 😉

That’s it! It really doesn’t sound like a lot for that temperature but I felt good the entire time.


And I was able to enjoy some great views along the way.





My face felt frozen for the first 10 minutes.


Thankful that there are pathways that have been cleared to run along. About 85% of my run wasn’t on thick snow.

I hope to get out there again tomorrow! So if you’re itching for an outdoor run and have frigid temperatures to work with try to use this guideline of what to wear.  It’s better to be tiny bit under dressed then over dressed in my opinion. But the most important item of my outfit were the toe warmers. My toes usually freeze in temperatures like this but they were fine and toasty. Happy snow running!



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