Christmas workout countdown: 5 days till the fat man slides down the chimney

Christmas workout countdown: 5 days till the fat man slides down the chimney

5 days till Christmas! You know what’s about to happen. Family and friends come together and food is everywhere. And I mean everywhere! Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, Christmas cookies and all the leftovers that come along with it. So a good way to counteract all the crazy amounts of food is to at least have a workout completed before hand. And by no means does a workout give you an excuse to binge throughout the holidays. It simply gives you a greater deficit of calories to work with versus no workout at all. As usual, all these workouts can be completed at home or outdoors with minimal equipment.


Santa is sweating it before the big day

So here are 5 days of workouts. Feel free to print these workout cards, cut them out and place them somewhere where you will be reminded to fit that workout in. I know the holidays are busy but these are designed to be short yet effective.

Here we go:


day 1 christmas countdown

*Update for Day 1:

  • If you do not have stairs to work with simply use a chair and do step ups. Alternate your leading leg.
  • For Side Planks, I counted 20 sec to myself on one side then 20 sec on the other side. Any remaining time I had I used for a normal plank
  • I WISH I could do 45 seconds of pull ups but maybe I need to add that to the New Year’s Resolution list. 😉 You can modify by jumping up to the bar then slowly letting yourself down.


day 2 christmas countdown


day 3 christmas countdown


day 4 christmas countdown


day 5 christmas countdown

I like to include my family in my workouts around the holidays. It’s a time to be together and the last thing I want to do is leave everyone behind so I can exercise. Especially since my family travels quite a ways to my house. So we do a lot of workouts together. Everyone of course is a different intensity level but it’s easily modified and usually ends in a few laughs along the way.

How do you find time to workout during the holidays?

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