7 minute workout review

7 minute workout review

Every workout seems to be getting shorter as our lives become busier. First there was the 10 minute workout, then 9 then 8 and now the famous 7 minute workout. Are you really getting a good workout in only 7 minutes? Well, yes and no.

First off, 7 minutes is always better then zero so to that argument I’m sure everyone would agree that it’s better then nothing. So for someone who uses the excuse of not having “enough time” in the day to workout this is definitely a great workout to fit into their schedule.


What exercises are used in the 7 minute workout?

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Wall Sit
  3. Push Ups
  4. Crunches
  5. Step Up onto a chair
  6. Squat
  7. Tricep Dips on a chair
  8. Plank
  9. High Knees running in place
  10. Lunge
  11. Push Up Rotation
  12. Side Plank

Equipment needed?

  • Only a chair

The simplicity of the workout is key. It’s not complicated and there are no tricky exercises that require a great deal of coordination. Every exercise is performed for 30 seconds and then there is a 10 second rest in between. Since the only equipment needed is a chair this could easily be performed at home, in an office and even in a school classroom. But that’s a whole other blog post to write about exercise in schools. 😉


Is 7 minutes enough? Well that depends on your goal. If this is your only workout everyday and you are trying to lose weight or improve strength then the answer would be maybe. I only say maybe because if you are doing this and you’re only used to doing sedentary things throughout the day then yes, this is a positive improvement which may lead to a small gain in strength or weight loss. But on the other hand if you’re pretty active to begin with this workout may only provide a small benefit and not make huge changes in your body. It may be more beneficial mentally in this case.

My opinion is that this is a great supplemental workout and a great back up. As a supplement it can be used as an afternoon “pick me up”. Instead of reaching for a sugary snack to give you an energy boost around the 2-3pm time, get up and get moving. Elevating your heart rate will wake you up naturally and it’s not a super high intensity workout that you would be tired from afterwards. It’s just enough to wake up your senses and rejuvenate yourself. Also, when you have an entirely jammed pack day of activities and events scheduled and you just don’t see how you could possibly squeeze in a workout this is a great go-to so at least a small amount of exercise is completed. Again, it’s the better then nothing thought.

I tried the workout last week and my 3 year old daughter joined me. It was just the right amount of time as she became bored with it around the time we started the push up rotations. You can use the self timer by downloading the 7 minute workout app. It can also be found online at www.7-min.com

Have you tried this workout?


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  1. Patti January 7, 2014 at 8:18 am - Reply

    I’ll have to remember to do this when I’m feeling the afternoon sleepiness kick in. This will be perfect to rejuvenate myself!

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