5 last minute stocking stuffers for the Runner in your life

5 last minute stocking stuffers for the Runner in your life

Two days till Christmas already?! Wow I can’t believe it’s here already but I’m also excited to see everyone open their presents in only a couple of days. It’s always nice to complete a gift with a small stocking stuffer or two.

As a runner I can appreciate all the little things that make running even more enjoyable. It’s not a sport that requires a lot of equipment but when you can use a toy here or there it does add a little more fun.

After some diligent searching, these are my top 5 ideas for a last minute stocking stuffer for runners:


Race Bling. I love keeping medals and/or race bibs from previous races to remember my accomplishments but they usually end up sitting in a drawer. This is a great way to display them in your home. And if that runner happens to live in your house you may appreciate this way of display versus the other option of using a bed post or coat hanger for display. (This is the only one that is online only, unless your local running store may have something similar)



Book “The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease” by Daniel Lieberman. The author who is sometimes credited to the minimalist running shoe craze has written a book about the evolution of humans and how “normal” is actually “not normal” in our everyday life. This is one I am looking forward to reading soon.



Mini Grid. Working on injury prevention and a little R&R in the New Year can be helpful with this roller. It’s great for traveling or even simply bringing to the office when you need to stretch things out after sitting for long hours at the computer.


Smart Wool Socks. Yes, runners can never have enough socks in my opinion. And with colder weather in winter these do a great job of keeping my toes warm even running in the snow. Yet not too hot for warmer winter days. The PhD Running Light Micro Socks are thin so you don’t feel like you’re wearing bulky wool socks.



Last but not least is the Hurraw lip balm. Vegan, organic and all natural ingredients. Three things that you can’t beat when it comes to lip balm products. A new flavor called Vata Balm sounds so yummy. It has a almond, spicy cardamom and rose. I’m currently obsessed with cardamom so I’m sold before I even taste it. Have you tried cardamom in your coffee yet? Just a side note. 😉

So check out these items at your local sports store, outdoor gear and running store. It’s too late for online orders unless you pay triple the price for shipping. Try and keep your dollars local when last minute situations arise.

Merry Christmas!

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