Google Helpouts | Reaching out to people around the world

Google Helpouts | Reaching out to people around the world


It’s official! My package arrived the other day from the team at Google Helpouts. It’s a perk for being a part of the expert panel from Day 1. Google Helpouts has been running for about 3 weeks now and it’s been an exciting adventure so far.

The run down: It’s a live video chat with experts in fields such as heath and fitness, music, computers, fashion, cooking and more. So if you have a question about something and don’t want to take the time to search for the answer or even watch a “how to” video on youtube you can instead connect live with a person who can give you the answer right there! I’ve used it for myself in designing this website using WordPress. I am not a programmer but love the challenge of learning on my own. And the “experts” are here by invitation only and also go through a screening process. So it’s not your average Joe trying to claim he knows a thing or two about something and wasting your time.

So far I have talked with many people around the world. My two most popular “Helpouts” are the Fitness Consultation and Running Personalized Training Program. It’s amazing to talk with someone from Europe, then California and then 10 minutes later someone in the Middle East. Popular questions include “how do I lose weight in my belly” and “how do I train for a race and not injure myself”. I’ve been able to help people just through conversations and also designing personalized running programs. And the best part is that this is only the beginning!

I hope to Helpout many of you reading this today!


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